Thursday, October 27, 2011

E3 Flasher

E3 flasher is a modchip for PS3 which allows any console to downgrade its firmware to 3.55. This lets you play games from your backups, but please Note this : Never Install a custom firmware once you downgrade with the help of E3 Flasher it will brick your PS3. (Downgrade with E3 Flasher + Installing Customfirmware = Brick.)

There is loader which comes along with E3 flasher and it loads backup games from internal and external hardisks. Installing E3 Flasher is a tricky process, you need to open your console and connect the belt and fit the IC socket on to correct IC.

Note: If you are good with mechanical (opening console) and electronics then and then only try to fix E3 yourself otherwise you may mess-up with the card and console as well. The card is delicate and it needs to be fitted carefully, you can take it to any local technician and show him the manual on how to fit it.

Once you install everything works fine.

For Installation process please see the below images with the connections. This will guide you on how to install and e3 flasher in your ps3.

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