Thursday, January 19, 2012

Black Screen Mac Mini Cable problem

I got my Mac mini and since three days after I am struggling to get screen display on my DVI capable LG monitor which doesn't have a HDMI port and finally I was successful in display from Mac mini.

First thing is Mac Mini needs to be connected through HDMI port to DVI connector which is provided in the box, it doesn't have any DVI to DVI cable, so you have to buy one.

I did a mistake I purchased an HDMI to DVI cable and in the end it ended up with black screen no display on the monitor. It does not gives display is connector is not there in between the cables.

Always use the connector given by the apple inside the mac mini direct cable of hdmi to dvi doesn't seems to work for some reasons.

Another interesting thing I discovered, when I was having trouble with getting display I called up apple call center for technical help, and after waiting for 20 minutes I was finally successful to speak with a representive. It was a very bad experience the guy who was helping me told me to buy a micro hdmi connector which mad no sense to me and didn't knew a connector of HDMI to DVI is provided inside the box... He was dumb and he transferred my call to his senior and he was also clueless on how to solve the problem and said he will get back to me in an hour of time which never happened.

At-last I solved the problem on my own with DVI to DVI cable connection using the apple HDMI to DVI connector.

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