Thursday, August 25, 2011

Voltrank for SEO - Voltrank review

I just thought I should post this, I have been using Voltrank service from last month and I am very impressed with the results I get every-time using it. I have a website which is a free classified and it is on prime class I have used my voltpoints for getting backlinks from prime class ( prime class are those websites which is having good traffic or good pagerank, I don't know exactly how they decide which websites goes to standard or prime class).

If your website is on prime class you will get quality backlinks by using your voltpoints, this doesn't mean that you don't get any valuable links with standard class. Both the class will in the end fetch you improved ranking.
Voltpoints are given to each approved account and it is yet not clear on how voltrank people give points to the approved accounts, one thing I guess is the position and the weight age of the page on which you are placing the voltrank javascript which displays the links to other sites.

Getting maximum benefit from Voltrank is easy if you understood the process of getting backlinks, if you are not clear then please learn something about seo and apply your knowledge on getting backlinks to your blog or website.
I am personally using voltrank for many of my websites and links and I am very impressed with the results I am getting out of it.
Thanks to Voltrank for providing such a nice free service.


  1. Could you perhaps elaborate a bit, eventually give us some statistical data on the improvements :)?

    I've just admitted the volt service to my page; and I am still awaiting a boost in traffic :).

  2. Sorry for delayed response, statistical data I don't have right now as I have stopped using voltrank because my website was already ranking high earlier on google before using voltrank.

    And voltrank does some good job, but in the end its not for those websites who have indexed and are ranking well for the keywords they want in google.

    I was not getting links on high pr ranks so I have stopped using it.