Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sony Tablet - Android 3.2 - Tablet S

Sony have launched a tablet which runs on Android powered OS and have a tag line of, All our innovations folded into one, I think this was a bit delayed launch by sony.

Last year Sony have suffered a loss of 2.9 Million dollars, and this was due to Sony's inability to innovate new technology compared to its rivals Apple and Samsung. New CEO has been appointed to change things on a pace.

Specs of Sony Tablet.

Equipped with the latest Android™ 3.2 OS, the new Sony Tablet S & P combines powerful features with unique design to deliver an engaging entertainment experience.

magine all of Sony’s expertise
folded to fit perfectly in your hand.
A tablet that streams 10 million
songs and downloads the latest
movies from Sony Entertainment
Network, is a PlayStation™ certified
device and acts as your universal
remote control. All on our most
fluid touch-screen ever.

We picked up four of the main features according to us: the shape, PlayStation certification, the DLNA 'throw' feature and the built in universal remote - to try and dissect them. The shape is unique - like a folded magazine. The rounded edge is where you would hold it when you're looking at the screen in portrait mode.

The shape does make it more ergonomic, but since it's not a conventional tablet shape, it may not find favour with everyone. The PlayStation certification means that Sony will make some exclusive games available for the Tablet S, including older PS One games, complete with on-screen PlayStation controller buttons.
While this is good in theory, games made specifically for tablets are still far easier to play. The DLNA 'throw' feature lets you stream content from your network in multiple directions - from a PC to the tablet or from the tablet to a compatible TV. This is not unique nor the first time it's been done.
Plus, Android tablets have several similar DLNA apps available in the Android Market.
The built in universal remote however, is truly unique, very useful, easy to setup and works like a charm. The rounded edge of the Tablet S has a string of (hidden) infrared emitters. A bundled remote app allows you to configure it to work with any TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, set top box, media player, air conditioner or game console that accepts infrared commands.
You can also make the tablet 'learn' codes by using the original remote control. Considering that a touchscreen universal remote control device (like Logitech's Harmony 1100) costs about 28,000, this is a good way to enhance the value of the device. The 9.4-inch screen is a new size - about the same as the iPad's 9.7-inch, though has a higher resolution of 1280 x 800.
Brightness & colours on the screen are good, but it falls short of the iPad and Galaxy Tab 750 when compared side-by-side, especially with respect to viewing angles & contrast levels. Accessories are expensive - absurdly so. A screen protector is 1,890. The basic carry case is over 4,000 while the leather carry case is 6,490.
Other foibles include a micro USB that's only for data transfer - it charges using a proprietary port. Plus, it comes with a laptop sized charger, which is large and unwieldy compared to what other high-end tablets have.
Because of the price, the Tablet S will be compared to the iPad 2 and will also lose out on a lot of sales. But it stands a good chance thanks to the built in remote and PS games.

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